Friday, December 24, 2010

What Happened to My Life???!!!???

On March 27, 2010 I married the man of my dreams.  We have an interesting story, which you'll find in another post.  For starters, I want to reflect on the overall transition my life has been through in the past nine months.  So much, so fast!  What an adjustment it has been.  Glorious, exhausting and utterly overwhelming!

Today is Christmas Eve 2010.  I'm vegging on my couch (well, not really my couch; we kept my husband's) attempting to get rid of the worst case of tonsillitis I've ever had in my life.  Yesterday the doctor looked in my throat, literally jumped backwards and asked me how I possibly had a smile on my face.  Following the steroid shot in my butt (I think I was seven years old the last time I needed an actual shot in the butt!) and two prescriptions to cover the next ten days, he offered me a prescription for a narcotic pain killer, suggested I cancel my holiday travel plans and commanded I put my husband in charge of the six year old for a week.  Not exactly the celebration of "Our First Christmas" I had imagined all the years I awaited my knight in shining armor. 

As I work backwards for a big picture view, I see changes in every aspect of my life.  Today I live in a suburb of Atlanta; last year I lived in an historic home in Richmond, VA.  Right now I am staring at "my" miniature Schnauzer; my entire adult life included a vow to never have a dog.  My husband's XL Star Wars pajama pants have replaced my cute sleeping ensembles.  So long to my BMW; hello to the family friendly Honda Accord (I will admit that was a welcome exchange due to repair costs!) with better gas mileage.  In exchange for tailored suits and 2-inch heels, I now grab my jeans off the floor, throw on a fleece and reach for my tennis shoes.  My daily trip to Starbucks has been replaced by time spent making brown bag lunches for the boys.  Laundry is daily, not weekly.  No more shopping for fancy prepared foods at Whole Foods; surfing for kid-friendly recipes is a new hobby.  My triathlete-toned body is now carrying an extra 20 pounds while my racing bike calls my name daily. 

So much has changed.  Not much has remained the same.  I'm still adjusting to this new life.  Physical and emotional exhaustion fill my days.  Daydreaming of days past still overtakes me.   

Nothing could ever entice me to go back to my old life.  I love this new world.  It is filled with unconditional love, humor, comfort, compassion, satisfaction and serenity.

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